Elly Crichton Stuart Stuart

Elly Crichton Stuart

Storyteller/Writer/Mindfulness Teacher


Elly's first play, “A Tale of Two Sisters”, was based on the lives of Lady Elizabeth Butler and her sister Alice Meynell, nominated for the poet laureateship in 1927. It toured to galleries and museums around the UK. “The Pankhursts”, inspired by the lives of Christobel and Sylvia Pankhurst toured round Arts Centres and Community Centres, and her last play “Eve 'n' After”, toured to theatres, Women's festivals and The Perth Festival, and was awarded “Pick of the Day” by The Scotsman at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


“A Tale of Two Sisters” is based on the writings, poems, family letters, etc. which are lively enough to sustain interest. And as her subjects, the Thompson sisters, belong to that breed of doughty Victorian lady who didn't take no for an answer, and who in this case were also educated, creative and politically aware, there's a strong streak of feminist history running through the text as well.

Alice Meynell was an essayist, poet and editor, and with her husband Wilfrid supported the women's suffrage movement. Elizabeth Butler, despite the drawback of having been born female, succeeded in breaking into the art world, painting the Royal Academy's “picture of the year” for 1874........much perception and quiet wit.

Times Educational Supplement

Elly is currently writing the book of A Tale of two sisters about the lives of Elizabeth Butler and Alice Meynell, who earned their living through their creativity.

She is also writing a memoir and researching for the book Three Wise Women, the extraordinary story of Hildegarde of Bingen, Alice Meynell and Eileen Caddy and their relevance for today.